In our life there are many unexplained things. When we are young, our ideas can be inspired by something accidental, external, without our being and our features. In subsequent years, we regret that we do not understand, chances are that it is not understood.

The system of structural horoscope shows a man who he is, what are the possibilities of nature. The system allows you to do strategic planning for their lives.

What kind of system is a structured horoscope?

For 20 years, we collect and analyze facts about the lives of great men, as well as their date of birth. Collected a huge database of biographical information about people of different ages and different activities at different times.

We have relied and still rely on the life story of famous people, because their biographies are available to all. Everyone can read about the life of a great man and his character, in accordance with the facts, at what age, what happens to him, what a woman / man has had an impact on his life when he had productive years, and when — reboot, etc. . These data are available and well known. You can see them.

Of these distinguished ranks of people who were born in one year and evaluated the features of these people. For example, people born in the year of Rooster are ready to become a great military leaders, or mathematicians. And the people born during the Rat — artists and architects.

This does not mean that these people may be expressed only in those areas. They can realize their talents, and other areas. Their quality will be maintained.

Consider the following example. Take the people born in the year of Goat. Among them, an unprecedented number of inventors. The invention of a special form — a sewing machine, electric light, safe, elevator, home computer, and so on. All to make our lives easier.

Theories of structural horoscope is growing rapidly. This system has opened Gregory Kvasha, a Moscow scientist.

Structural horoscope gives a very good good for people. You can learn how to behave in society, to achieve maximum business success. You’ll be armed with how to approach their relatives. It’s no secret that it is very important to us, because we are more hurt our loved ones.

I want to tell you about myself. In my family was a wonderful uncle Basil, older brother of my father.

He was a normal successful person, doctor, husband and father. But he was an oddity.

He spoke to us children, teenagers, always about his illness. I must confess that I am arrogant girl, and largely despised him for it. I thought I was a grown man should be courageous and strong, do not complain to anyone, especially girls, who can not help.

But now I learned that he was so sensitive, so delicate, and very afraid of death, because the structural characteristics of the sign on his year of birth.

And then, when I was an adult, I met people of the same year of birth — year Goats. And they reminded me of my Uncle Basil.

It was only when I met with a system of structural analysis, I realized that the sensitivity is part of the annual brand. And all became clear.

And now I realize how stupid and arrogant I was, like his uncle did not understand.

If I could only sympathize with him, he would have been better.

We do not become friends with her uncle Basil. I avoided it.

And it was an interesting man.

This can be seen in the photo is very interesting that he did.

His photographs have so much humor and love for us, his nephews.

And now I suffer from the fact that I was not a friend of my uncle.

With the help of our recommendations, you can adjust their behavior, their attitude towards family, friends, and junior and senior, to the teachers. You can understand them and become wiser.

You will easily endure the difficulties of the transition age of your child or the discontent and the whims of old parents.

This understanding makes our life more clearly and in harmony with the world in which we live

Structural analysis can tell you a lot of useful things about marriage, about the rules of behavior in marriage, depending on the type of marriage.

Structural horoscope puts everything in its place in your life. Secrets that tormented you for years, will be open.

You will have a new and necessary knowledge about themselves and about others. We live in the 21st century, and hide from yourself, as in the 13th.

It is time to change your mind! And we are ready  to help you.